Fish and Count Learning Game


Fill the pond with “fish,” hold the squeezable rod, and reel in fun and learning with every cast! The “game” in Fish & Count Game is simple: Just lower the self-stick bait into the fishing pond, let it attach to one of the felted pieces, and lift out your catch. But the detail-packed printed fabrics and colorful, shaped pieces also offer unlimited opportunities for counting, sorting, matching, color identification, size comparisons, storytelling, and all kinds of imaginative play. This engaging preschool play set is truly adaptable for any age, letting kids draw from the information-rich illustrations on the reversible pool to help structure their own games and learning activities.  


Fine Motor, Hand Eye Coordination, Cognitive (Color / Number Recognition, Matching, Sorting)  


Decreased Motor Skills: 

Use a sport band to attach the pole to the client’s extremity. 

Use foam or pool noodle to make larger for grasp 


  • Present two objects of differing color. Prompt client to identify specified object. 
  • Use dry pool or bucket to pretend fish 

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