Clinic based programming

Assistive Technology Group- Taught by Buffy Gerschick, MAT

Adaptive technology including eye gaze, switches, touch screen monitors and interactive applications such as Osmo iPads are utilized to provide universal access for all levels of ability. Focuses on enhancing cognition, academics and functional computer skills through a variety of fun and engaging activities. 

Expressive Language Group- Taught by Buffy Gerschick, MAT

This group focuses on increasing language skills through the use of the CORE vocabulary system and AAC devices.  The CORE board incorporates visuals (picture symbols) and commonly used vocabulary to encourage functional communication. 

“Handy Dandy” Writing Group- Taught by Buffy Gerschick, MAT

This group encourages fine motor development and handwriting skills using multi-sensory tools and strategies while having fun.

Play Therapy- Taught by Buffy Gerschick, MAT

Individualized sessions to increase appropriate skills and development through play experiences.  Opportunities for exploration and discovery are provided while targeting specific skills which include increased frustration tolerance and attention span, handling transitions, reciprocal social interactions, and positive self-awareness.  A variety of toys, games, and sensory materials are utilized. 

School Readiness- Taught by Buffy Gerschick, MAT

This group will focus on the fundamentals of learning. This includes increasing attention span, active listening, participation, and engagement.  Encourages ability to manage transitions which can be applied to a home or classroom setting.

Sensory Regulation Group – Taught by Buffy Gerschick, MAT

This group is created to improve sensory integration utilizing proprioceptive input, vestibular stimulation, address tactile defensiveness, and auditory discrimination/visual processing. 

Social Skills Group- Taught by Buffy Gerschick, MAT

This group is designed to encourage social and expressive communication in a structured play-based environment.  The focus will include sharing, turn taking, cooperative play, safety, and friendship skills.   Another important aspect of social skills that will be emphasized is understanding non-verbal body language and facial expressions.

Tailor-made classes

Groups run 1x per week for 60 minutes for 6 weeks. $210.00 for 6 weeks (per person/class).

We create classes based on the age and cognition of participants.  We require at least 4 children in a group.  Please register to reserve a spot!