Certified & Licensed

Nationally & Board Certified Recreational Therapists Special Education Teacher with over 25 years experience.

Exceptional Quality

Implemented by therapists & professionals with degrees providing therapeutic services for children with disabilities

Adapted For All

All programming, special events, and individual therapy sessions are adapted for made accessible for each client.

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Inclusive Events

Inclusive events provide a platform for diverse voices to be heard, foster collaboration and innovation, expand networks, strengthen organizational reputation, and create a more positive…

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Social Skills

Social skills are fundamental soft skills that facilitate communication, connections and help individuals function effectively in society. Individuals with special needs may face different challenges…

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Mighty Mission

Learn more about our non-profit partner, founded by the owner of Therapeutic Concepts.

Our mission is to empower all persons with disabilities by providing knowledge, resources, and improving connections to their families/communities through modified play, adapted toys, and innovative technology in a barrier-free environment.