Individual Therapies

Recreational Therapy:

Therapeutic Concepts offers private, 1-on-1 Recreational Therapy services. 

These services include 1:1 Therapy implemented 60-minute sessions with a Certified Recreational Therapist. Your child/loved one would receive an initial assessment from our company founder, Mary Nagy, to determine his/her functioning level, needs, and to develop goals addressing his/her needs. 

These goals always relate to increasing skill, independence, or functioning in one or more of the following health domains:





These Recreational Therapy Services are currently Private pay at $50 per 45-60 min therapy session.

Music Therapy:

Our Music Therapists utilize musical interventions to accomplish individualized, assessed goals for children and adults with developmental disabilities. All Music Therapy sessions are implemented by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. Their interventions focus on a range of goals including but not limited to: 

-Managing Stress

-Alleviating Pain

-Expressive and Receptive Communication

-Memory Enhancement

-Promote Physical Rehabilitation

At Therapeutic Concepts, Children/adults will receive an initial assessment implemented by their individual Music Therapist to determine what goals/objectives to focus on.

Clients will then receive 45-60 minute sessions focusing on increasing function via the assessed goals through music interventions.

These Music Therapy Services are currently Private pay at $50 per 45-60min Therapy session.

Massage Therapy:

Our Licensed Massage Therapists provide a range of massage techniques and modalities focusing on relaxation for increased functioning for persons with special needs.

If you are interested in-private pay Massage Therapy, please visit

Are you part of the Child Waiver Program? All three of these therapies are covered under the Child Waiver Program and will be provided at no cost to you.

Not part of the Child Waiver Program? Seek a referral from your County Case Manager and utilize the following resources;

Macomb County: 586-469-5950 (general number)        

855-996-2264 (open screening)

Oakland County: 248-918-5600 (general number)        


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