CBI Curriculum

Hello Everyone! We have been preparing for our grand opening. Here is a sneak peek of what we will be offering! Our goal is to reach as many individuals who…


Field Trip/CBI Curriculum


Dreams Becoming Reality

Just wanted to share a quick update with everyone. Our dreams for Therapeutic Concepts and Tailored Toys are becoming a reality. We are really doing this. We envision a place…


Fish and Count Learning Game

MELISSA AND DOUG SCOOP:  Fill the pond with "fish," hold the squeezable rod, and reel in fun and learning with every cast! The "game" in Fish & Count Game is…


Recreational Therapy Philosophy

Recreational Therapy serves many purposes: expressive language skills, social responses, fine motor functional ability and so many more. In order for the therapist to be effective they must determine deficit…


Proprioception/Vestibular Senses and Why They Matter

Our bodies are full of receptors in our joints, muscles, and connective tissues that are help us with body awareness. These specific receptors make up the Proprioceptive sense. By continually…