“Our two special education classes from Lincoln Elementary visited Therapeutic Concepts on May 14th. The majority of the children in our classrooms are students with mild cognitive impairments. Along with academics, the students work on daily living skills. We chose a field trip to Therapeutic Concepts to help assist the students with these functional skills.  At our visit, we were greeted warmly by the employees. They engaged the children in lessons that related to safety and friendship. Each employee had wonderful rapport with the children. Our students thoroughly enjoyed their visit.” Lara Pallerito Lincoln Elementary 

“The best benefit you can get from Recreational Therapy is that it includes everyone in the family. It helps not just your special needs child to learn everyday life, but your loved ones to learn with them and grow so that you can all function together as a family.” Stephanie Caton (Parent)

“I knew RT was magical but it’s different when you see it happen to a family member!” Heather Silander (Sister)

“Everyone seemed to enjoy the music & sounds. Staff was great with the clients giving them each attention and helping others when needed. They want to come back again!” Life Skills Vocational Center

“This is a great program, with amazing staff. They treat everyone like that want to be treated”. Life Skills Capac

“Therapeutic Concepts staff goes out of their way to accommodate everyone in our group. The classes are customized for all of our consumers even a few weren’t sure they’d enjoy participating have expressed they REALLY liked going, especially to yoga.” Diane (Life Skills Blue Water)

“Kim offered me a short lesson on how to do a full massage on my daughter with autism. I learned so much and I am so grateful that Kim helped me! I do the massage techniques on my daughter when she is feeling anxious or needs to relax before bed. She loves it! I recommend parents and caretakers of special needs children to learn massage from Kim! She is amazing!”-Client parent

“My family has been enriched by Therapeutic Concepts for a few years now.Mary and Her team ALWAYS listen and improve our autistic person’s life on an emotional level and in his adaptation to daily living situations.I keep a couple of business cards with me at all times to be able to readily share the joy and relief I have known by being involved with Therapeutic Concepts with other autistic families. Please contact them,-Grandma Val”