Fish and Count Learning Game

MELISSA AND DOUG SCOOP:  Fill the pond with "fish," hold the squeezable rod, and reel in fun and learning with every cast! The "game" in Fish & Count Game is…


Recreational Therapy Philosophy

If a client is not enjoying what they are doing, then it is not therapeutic. Active engagement is key to success.


Group Activity Program

Join Therapeutic Concepts as we host a night of fun including:- Family Games- Sensory Games- Arts and Crafts- Bingo- Team Sports- Much More When: March 9th @ 5pm-7pmWhere: St. Clement…


Proprioception/Vestibular Senses and Why They Matter

Our bodies are full of receptors in our joints, muscles, and connective tissues that are help us with body awareness. These specific receptors make up the Proprioceptive sense. By continually…


Benefits of Recreation Therapy for Individuals with Autism

Recreation Therapy is an intervention that utilizes recreation and leisure activities as a tool to improve cognitive, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing in both adults and children.  Recreation therapy applies…